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Help your furry friend have a pawsome vacation.
Current as of  9-1-2023

Boarding Guide

The safety and happiness of all dogs in our facility is of the utmost importance, hence our requirement for an evaluation and our rules and policies. Dogs are sentient beings that deserve to be treated with love and consideration of their mental state. Dog’s behavior can change as things in their home life change, as they age, medical status, experiences on walks or the dog park, etc. We are always observant of possible changes and will keep owners updated.

Dogs with Dog Food Jar

Release Form & Cancellation-Deposit Policy

To ensure the safety and comfort of all pets who stay at the resort, please read through the Release Contract. You will complete and sign the Release Contract at the Meet & Greet.


Please understand that there are no exceptions to our policies.


1. Per Michigan law, we will need to see a current rabies record. For dogs under six months, we require a negative fecal test result to rule out Coccidia and Giardia and intestinal parasites.

 2. DO NOT get a Bordatella vaccine within 7 days of drop-off. Your dog may be contagious during that time. We do not require your dog to have the Bordatella vaccine.

3. Make sure your dog is up-to-date on flea

& tick prevention year round. Please let us know what brand/product you are using. We welcome holistic prevention methods, but please do not use unapproved old-style flea collars or Frontline flea/tick preventatives (the ingredient Fipronil is no longer effective).


4. We accept vet exceptions for the Rabies vaccine, and we also accept titers. 



Owners are responsible for providing Pill Pockets or a similar brand, for all medications. This is the safest and most sanitary way for us to ensure dogs get their pills on time. We do not allow cheese, peanut butter, or others.


*Important: Please pack all supplements and meds in the corresponding food baggie and label them accordingly. If you are unsure how to correctly set up meds and supplements, please give us a call. 


Please package each meal into an individual baggie or container so that any staff member can quickly and correctly feed all of the hungry pups after a long day of playing.

If your dog is a free feeder, provide one large bag/container that we can place in their kennel overnight. Do not send more than you think he/she will eat during their stay, as we have limited storage space.


If you want your bags/containers returned to you, please let us know and label them accordingly. We will make every effort to ensure they are returned!

Keep in mind that the dogs are more active at the resort and may require a bit more food than usual! However, many dogs do not like changes in their routine and may eat less when staying away from home. Don't be alarmed, this is normal!


Holistic Care

It's important to us to care for your pet as a whole, making sure they are happy and healthy both physically and mentally. We take a holistic approach to wellness with plenty of exercise and lots of attention based on your pet's individual needs.


Interested in holistic care?

We love raw feeding and holistic flea/tick prevention and have resources if you would like to know more.

We highly recommend checking out

Personal Belongings

Please only bring the necessities. Towels, blankets, and clothing are okay!

We supply beds, bowls, blankets, cots, pads, etc., so there is no chance that a naughty neighbor will accidentally ruin your dog's things.


Doggie Detailing & Resort will not be liable for any lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed personal property belonging either to you or your dog.


Bring These

  • Meds, with Pill Pockets or similar brand (if needed)

  • Blanket

  • Towel

  • Clothing Item

We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items


Leave These at Home

  • Bowls

  • Beds

  • Rawhides

  • Pig ears

  • Squeaky toys

  • Any toys or chews that could be a choking hazard

Safety Guidelines for Entering and Exiting the Building

Please always have your dog leashed. This is the first step in keeping your dog safe. We have slip leads available for you to borrow if needed.

Only one client in the lobby at a time! If there is another dog and/or owner in the lobby, please wait. Do not come into the lobby unless we indicate that you can. In some circumstances, we may come out and bring your dog in for you. Be aware that we have dogs arriving and leaving during our Drop Off/Pick Up Hours. If you are waiting in the foyer, please do not let your dog approach or jump on the person leaving. We may ask you to step outside, away from the door, if a dog is leaving.

If there is a line, please be aware and respectful of where you are in that line.

Please do not allow your dog to approach another dog. You have no way of knowing if the other dog is a Private Play client, leash reactive, protective of its owner, etc. Do not allow your dog to approach another person, especially if your dog may jump on them.

Do not approach another person’s dog. You have no way of knowing if that dog has “stranger danger” tendencies, is in training, or is protective of its owner.

Safety Guidelines for DD&R Property

Please stay off the grass to the south and to the west of the parking area and driveway turnaround! DD&R property ends at the gravel on the west side. Please do not trespass, or allow your dog to trespass on the neighbor’s property.

There is a potty area by the oak tree on the north side of the parking area. Please pick up after your dog! Poop bags are
provided. Just drop the bag in the blue garbage receptacle.


Please do not look over the privacy fencing! This can be dangerous. It would be the same as a stranger coming to your home and peeking over your fence. It is very scary to the dogs. It can create a state of arousal that can lead to displacement behaviors directed towards the other dogs, or possibly towards the person looking over the fence.


Learn More About Our Policies
Current as of  12-27-2023

  • Photo and Video Release

  • Fees

  • Aggressive Dogs/Bite Risk to Other Dogs or People

  • Intact Dogs

  • Private Play Accommodations

  • Bark Policy

  • and More


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